There's a new version of WP Cron Pixie! 🎉

WP Cron Pixie 1.4.1 changelog:

  • Fixed wrong data refreshing into non-primary subsite of directory multisite
  • Minor updates to framework and build tools.
  • Tested with WP 5.4

Enjoyed attending #dttech last night, my first @DigitalTaunton event.

Liked the format of 2 main talks + 3 lightning talks after a break.

Great talks, and very well organised event, a lot of work must have gone into it, congrats to all! 👏

FYI, if you try to circumvent paying for support for a client's product I work on by bombarding my personal email address, my contact page, or any other means that are not a proper support channel, I'm still not going to reply to your vague mess of a support request! 👿

TIL: enabling boot.cleanTmpDir on NixOS can solve the most head-scratchy of head-scratchy things!

Yay, after a couple of days painting the landing I'm finally at podcast zero! 🎉 (there may have been a good bit of podcast culling and skipping too)

Me: Ooh, I have a great idea and it'll have a sweet domain too!

... goes to register domain ...

Me: Dammit, domain's already taken, and not being used!

... later updating some DNS settings and spots ... that sweet domain that I've had for years! ...

Me: 🤦‍♂️