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New Xojo Web SDK Control: ToastrIJ

I’ve created a little open source Xojo Web SDK control called ToastrIJ. It’s a thin wrapper around the most excellent toastr JavaScript library to enable the display of notifications. You know, those little “growl” like notifications to display information, success, warning and error messages. It’s under the MIT license, and you can grab it from […]

ActorDB for Docker

Last weekend I re-stumbled across ActorDB, a very interesting distributed database system that scales near linearly by scoping work to “Actors”. Every database action, whether that’s an insert, select, update, delete or whatnot, always starts by specifying the Actor. This effectively scopes the changes to a single database, which then replicates to its sibling databases […]

Building Reactive WordPress Plugins – Part 3 – Elm

In the final part of the Building Reactive WordPress Plugins series across on the Delicious Brains blog, I explore using Elm rather than JavaScript to write the front end of WP Cron Pixie, the small WordPress dashboard widget for showing what’s in the WordPress cron. I had more fun writing the code for this article […]

Building Reactive WordPress Plugins – Part 1 – Backbone.js

I’m writing a short series for Delicious Brains on building reactive style frontend WordPress plugins. Part 1, which uses Backbone.js on the frontend, just went live. This first article is rather long as it introduces the plugin and its backend as well as how to use Backbone.js. Follow up articles should be shorter as each […]