Slow Going

Always Developing
Slow Going
  • Huge News: Elm 0.19 released!
    • Faster compiler with smaller output
    • Core packages now in "elm" namespace rather than "elm-lang"
    • New Browser module replaces HTML.program stuff
    • New Time module looks nice
    • Looking forward to using Elm again, but first need to get basic Rust backend running...
  • Progress update (reading The Rust Programming Language book):
    • Tests in Rust look great
      • Unit tests in same file as code makes sense
      • Testing private functions FTW!
      • Separate integration tests for public library functions makes sense
      • Skinny and fat files
    • Read through the I/O Project chapter
      • Impatient to get to Functional Language Features
      • But still refreshed previously learnt concepts nicely
      • Introduced more new stuff than expected, glad I read it
    • Finally got to Functional Language Features chapter
    • Just started reading the More About Cargo and chapter
      • At some point may have crate I'd like to release, who knows?
  • Released minor update to WP Cron Pixie
    • Now built with local to project Elm 0.18 tools
    • Cleaned up package dependency that prevents Elm 0.19 upgrade
    • Next version will therefore use Elm 0.19 @ianmjones

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