Meta Pixie Pro Released

What? Really? So soon after releasing Meta Pixie?

Yep, just one week after releasing Meta Pixie I've managed to finish off and release Meta Pixie Pro.

To be honest, I was already working on the Pro addon for Meta Pixie when I announced Meta Pixie's release last week, as I had to wait for Meta Pixie to be approved and added to the WordPress Plugin Directory. It took a few late nights of development and much testing, but I wanted to get it out before Christmas and I'm pretty stoked at how well development went.

Meta Pixie Pro adds the following features to Meta Pixie:

  • Add, edit, delete records.
  • Fix broken serialized values.
  • Bulk deleting and fixing of records.
  • Priority email support.

List, sort, search, view, add, edit, delete and fix your WordPress site\'s commentmeta, postmeta, termmeta, sitemeta and usermeta records with style.

Like Options Pixie Pro, you can pick up a Meta Pixie Pro license for 10, 25 or 50 sites, starting at the super low price of $39. If you want a license for more than 50 sites, drop us line.

If you stick both Options Pixie Pro and Meta Pixie Pro in your cart, you'll get a 20% discount on the second item! (tip: if you're buying a larger pack for one of the plugins, stick it in your cart second for a bigger discount!)

Meta Pixie Pro screenshot