Yay, after a couple of days painting the landing I'm finally at podcast zero! 🎉 (there may have been a good bit of podcast culling and skipping too)

Me: Ooh, I have a great idea and it'll have a sweet domain too!

... goes to register domain ...

Me: Dammit, domain's already taken, and not being used!

... later updating some DNS settings and spots ... that sweet domain that I've had for years! ...

Me: 🤦‍♂️

TIL: The "rc" in things like .bashrc comes from "runcom", which is a syllabic abbreviation of "run commands".

Not something like "runtime configuration" like I've always thought.

Snippet Pixie is now available as a snap. 🎉

sudo snap install snippetpixie --classic

I even tested it with LibreOffice Writer and gedit on KDE Neon, but remember folks, Snippet Pixie is a GTK app, so your mileage will vary greatly.

Snippet Pixie Snap in KDE Neon's app store