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Author / ianmjones

New Xojo Web SDK Control: ToastrIJ

I’ve created a little open source Xojo Web SDK control called ToastrIJ. It’s a thin wrapper around the most excellent toastr JavaScript library to enable the display of notifications. You know, those little “growl” like notifications to display information, success, warning and error messages. It’s under the MIT license, and you can grab it from […]

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Meta Pixie Pro Released

What? Really? So soon after releasing Meta Pixie? Yep, just one week after releasing Meta Pixie I’ve managed to finish off and release Meta Pixie Pro. To be honest, I was already working on the Pro addon for Meta Pixie when I announced Meta Pixie’s release last week, as I had to wait for Meta […]

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New WordPress Plugin: Meta Pixie

Ever since I released Options Pixie to enable easy viewing of options records in a WordPress database, my colleague at Delicious Brains, Ashley Rich, has been bugging me virtually non-stop to create something that lets us look at postmeta records. It’s really handy for us when working on WP Offload S3 to be able to […]

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ActorDB for Docker

Last weekend I re-stumbled across ActorDB, a very interesting distributed database system that scales near linearly by scoping work to “Actors”. Every database action, whether that’s an insert, select, update, delete or whatnot, always starts by specifying the Actor. This effectively scopes the changes to a single database, which then replicates to its sibling databases […]

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Options Pixie Pro Released, Finally.

Well, I finally did it, I got Options Pixie Pro 1.0 for WordPress finished and released! After many late nights (but no weekends), I finally got to a point where I was very happy with how Options Pixie Pro was working, and confident that it provided enough value to be worthy of release. It’s pretty […]

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My First WordPress Plugin: Options Pixie

There’s been a number of times when I’ve wanted to quickly check the value of a record in the wp_options table of a WordPress site’s database, but not had easy access to the database, usually when the site and database are on a remote server. I’ve tried using the /wp-admin/options.php page, but it’s not ideal and […]

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My First iOS Game: Missed Three

Today I had an email from Apple to say that my first iOS game, Missed Three, had entered “In Review” status, which I thought was pretty good as it’d only been submitted for review a week ago. Then, just 30 minutes later I received another email to tell me that Missed Three was ready for […]

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Recently I was able to buy, a slight upgrade to my existing domain. On re-appraisal of the old as was, I felt that the site did not reflect who I am now, so I made the decision to start from scratch, to reboot if you will. You are now reading the first […]

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