Hey there, my name is Ian M. Jones, how're you doing?

If you know me, hello again friend!

If you don't know me, hello new friend!

By day I develop software, by night I ... ummm ... develop software. Hmm, balanced life? I think not! That's slowly changing, but I love developing software, so it's not that bad. However, improving my general health and attaining a more balanced life is definitely something I'm working on.


Chief Everything at Byte Pixie

Troublemaker at Delicious Brains


Snippet Pixie: Your little expandable text snippet helper (for Linux).

WP Table Pixie: A high quality premium plugin for managing your WordPress settings and metadata records.

WP Cron Pixie: A little dashboard widget to view the WordPress cron, and run an event now rather than later.

GitHub: ianmjones

SourceHut: ~ianmjones

WP.org: ianmjones


Always Developing.show: Live coding an app with SvelteJS, Go, CockroachDB, and Juju Charms in Python. Sometimes Linux desktop app or WordPress plugin development too.

Before starting every work day, I do half an hour of noodling on side projects, making sure to keep them moving forward, albeit slowly.

Working on these side projects is how I learn new programming languages, frameworks and technologies.

Chances are I'll fail miserably each and every day, so at the very least you can take comfort in seeing a so-called senior developer fumbling through some development with little success.


Always Developing: This was a very ad-hoc microcast journal of my attempt to learn new programming languages, frameworks, and technologies, and build a side project with them.

This podcast is no longer being produced.

Social Stuff

Twitter: @ianmjones

Keybase: ianmjones