Ian M. Jones

Hey there, my name is Ian M. Jones, how’re you doing?

If you know me, hello again friend!

If you don’t know me, hello new friend!

That’s right, I’m pretty friendly. 😀

By day I develop software, by night I … ummm … develop software. Hmm, balanced life? I think not! That’s slowly changing, but I love developing software, so it’s not that bad. However, improving my general health and attaining a more balanced life is definitely something I’m working on.


Chief Everything at Byte Pixie

Troublemaker at Delicious Brains


Snippet Pixie: Your little expandable text snippet helper (for Linux).

WP Table Pixie: A high quality premium plugin for managing your WordPress settings and metadata records.

GitHub: ianmjones

GitLab: ianmjones

WP.org: ianmjones


RustyElm: A very ad-hoc journal of my attempt to learn Rust and Elm and build a side project with them.

Social Stuff

The further down this list you go, the less active I am there!

Micro.blog: @ianmjones

Twitter: @ianmjones

Mastodon: @ian@ianmjones.com

Keybase: ianmjones