Big day for me today, after months of work, we at Delicious Brains released WP Offload Media 2.0, our plugin for offloading your WordPress Media Library to cloud storage.

It used to be called WP Offload S3 as it worked exclusively with Amazon S3, but now that we've added support for offloading your WordPress Media Library to DigitalOcean Spaces too, seemed like a great time to change the name!

I made a lot of changes to the internals of WP Offload Media in preparation for this release, previously the plugin was scattered with S3 specific code, now it's much more adaptable to alternate storage providers. In fact it should be a lot easier to work in a different SDK than the AWS PHP SDK that we're currently using for both Amazon S3 and DigitalOcean Spaces, you know, should we decide to add something like Google Cloud Storage support via the Google Cloud Client Library for PHP.

Slow Going

Always Developing
Slow Going
  • Huge News: Elm 0.19 released!
    • Faster compiler with smaller output
    • Core packages now in "elm" namespace rather than "elm-lang"
    • New Browser module replaces HTML.program stuff
    • New Time module looks nice
    • Looking forward to using Elm again, but first need to get basic Rust backend running...
  • Progress update (reading The Rust Programming Language book):
    • Tests in Rust look great
      • Unit tests in same file as code makes sense
      • Testing private functions FTW!
      • Separate integration tests for public library functions makes sense
      • Skinny and fat files
    • Read through the I/O Project chapter
      • Impatient to get to Functional Language Features
      • But still refreshed previously learnt concepts nicely
      • Introduced more new stuff than expected, glad I read it
    • Finally got to Functional Language Features chapter
    • Just started reading the More About Cargo and chapter
      • At some point may have crate I'd like to release, who knows?
  • Released minor update to WP Cron Pixie
    • Now built with local to project Elm 0.18 tools
    • Cleaned up package dependency that prevents Elm 0.19 upgrade
    • Next version will therefore use Elm 0.19 @ianmjones

Twitter: @ianmjones