It's just occurred to me that one of the reasons I've been drawn to moving my site to is the shear simplicity of the writing experience and themes. It's all about the words, while pictures stand out as real content rather than necessary decoration.

Switched Personal Site to

I've bitten the bullet and switched my personal site to be hosted on

It's been a long time coming, I should have taken the plunge over a year ago when I first got the bug, but decided at the time to keep my WordPress site and cross post to You can tell from my distinct lack of posts that I never really got into that, I mainly used the old site for announcing stuff (a bit like I'm doing now I suppose!), and only sporadically posted to itself, or Twitter for that matter.

So this move is part of an attempt to be more social, something that Brad Touesnard has said I suck at big time!

It's also prompted by a desire to consolidate and clean up a few of my "web properties", with an emphasis on simplifying my hosting etc. There's some stuff coming down the pipe from Delicious Brains that I intend to use for my business stuff, but this personal stuff should hopefully flourish here.